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Monday, December 29, 2008

Things you just shouldn't find in your garden...

Samuel Goldwyn  - "Include me out."

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Childhood Dreams

I started reading The Last Lecture last night. I got through 4/5 of the book in two hours; I was absolutely engrossed. Randy Pauch wrote about all the things it's taken me this long to learn and it was really good to see them validated and reaffirmed by a guy, as terrific as he was. He also wrote about the importance of realizing your childhood dreams. As I read I found myself arriving at the conclusion that I really don't have many childhood dreams yet to realize. I've been semi-rich already and I've been on TV; space-travel has always been on my list but without money or the right connection it's still out of reach. It seems like I'm working on derivative or evolved dreams of the originals. I'm working on getting back to a comfortable spot after cratering my finances after a series of adventures and other "learning experiences", and I'm exploring the entertainment and media production industry in my own underground guerrilla approach. The financial goal feeds the other of course. If I manage to make my way out of this hole and get on the positive side I'll be able to pay for some courses. I'm thinking about some entertainment management courses to get a leg up and some more confidence on the standards. I'm pretty confident as-is; business speaks business where ever you go. The processes and terms are just barely out of reach for me at times and I like to have "sharp tools". Anyway my point is I still have goals and they are loosely based on my childhood dreams. One of Randy's childhood dreams must have struck a chord with me and it must have infiltrated my dreams last night.

My memory of the dream starts off in the area of new Rose Park (that means regular sized street widths) where I grew up. Things are a little patchy there. I think I had some tasks and conversations there but I don't remember any details. The real highlight of the whole sequence was of a home-made rocket ship. I was switching back and forth from a high-up birds-eye view of the scene to a first person view from the pilots in-cockpit perspective, to a view of a third-party speaking to the pilot. The pilot had a helmet that looked just like the old-school Apollo astronauts. During a birds-eye view, the rocket engines ignited and the ship moved with ludicrous speed to fill my view and then stopped and moved in zero-g slow motion. The ship looked just like an old Dodge Rambler station wagon. with fins and the ends of rocket engines hanging out the back. These pics were pretty close to what I saw.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dream Remembered

I remembered a dream from last night which is not very common for me.
My memory starts off as I'm entering a coffee shop and deli in a
neighborhood in what appears to be an older section of an east-side
Salt Lake neighborhood (seems like about 13th east and 9th south).
From the disdain, and grouchiness I receive from the staff working
there, along with my ability to wander through the place with impunity
I gather that I work here. All my co-workers are blurry-faced hipsters
with long hair and clothing in college-kid skater-type style. At some
point soon after I notice I'm dressed only in my underwear, (small
striped jockeys for maximum exposure, of course) nobody seems to
notice but it provides an undercurrent of anxiety for me. I interact
with the staff and customers of the shop without doing much work. I
must be one of the managers because the only "work" do is take an
application from a young girl and set-up an interview time of "come
back tomorrow"; she had an older lady with her, maybe her mom. I take
a break after that and ride my lost skateboard on shady tree-lined
streets with dark ancient pavement until my alarm goes off. I hope I
have that one again soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I screwed us all!!

I'm sorry everybody; I was just so sleepy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

RIP: Star Trek Experience

The Las Vegas Hilton's Star Trek Experience closed last month. Sadly, I never made it inside. I didn't understand that once you got inside you could hang out and ride the rides as long as you wanted for a single admission price. I would have done that all friggin' day. I'm sure of it after looking at the pics of the inside of STEXP.

Dell Schanze for Governor!?!?

OK, here’s the link to the state’s Voter Information Pamphlet. Check out Dell’s statement on page 10. The guy is incredible! I couldn’t believe they actually let this go to press.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Big Blue Cluster!!

The company I work for is a big cluster. There are "surprises" and "things nobody thought of" way too often. This makes it tough on me because I manage implementations and they don't "do" day-time implementations. Like they don't "do" windows. This means I get to spend more evenings or early mornings on with a sweaty reciever on my ear. Yeah it's a "dead-zone" at my house, and the towels are kinda' scratchy; terrifying!! Anyway my internal clock was off all day today because of an early (2AM) call. I get to go back tomorrow! Bleaugh....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We are SO screwed!

That tears it. I can't vote for either popular party now. I guess I'll throw another vote away on an independent. 8\

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cool Songs on KRCL Today

The Salmon Dance by The Chemical Brothers
Crawl by Kings Of Leon

Listening to KRCL's pledge drive. I'm sill too broke to donate, but I'm working on it. ;D

Friday, September 26, 2008

Judge Tosses Out Verdict Against Mom, Points Finger at RIAA Dipshits

A Common Sense Hero

Judge Tosses Out Verdict Against Minn. Mom Accused Of File Sharing

A jury convicted Jammie Thomas of putting 24 songs on Kazaa's file-sharing network and ordered her to pay $9,250 per song.

K.C. Jones InformationWeek

A federal judge (Judge Michael Davis) dealt the Recording Industry Association of America and record labels a setback Wednesday by throwing out a $222,000 verdict against a mom who was convicted of illegally sharing music over the Internet.
U.S. District of Minnesota Chief Judge Michael Davis ordered a new trial for Jammie Thomas, saying the jury's punishment was "unprecedented and oppressive." Davis said that the term "distribution" does not apply to simply making music available. It requires actual dissemination, he said.

Thomas claimed that she did not share music files and her lawyer argued that she may have been spoofed. A jury convicted her of putting 24 songs on Kazaa's file-sharing network and ordered her to pay $9,250 per song.
This week, her lawyers convinced Davis that the attorney representing the music label, Capitol, erred when he told the jury that making the songs available for others could be considered illegal distribution, even if there was no proof anyone downloaded the songs.

In a 44-page statement, Davis urged the U.S. Congress to improve
copyright laws to prevent "oppressive" penalties in similar cases.
"The Court would be remiss if it did not take this opportunity to implore Congress to amend the Copyright Act to address liability and damages in
peer-to-peer network cases such as the one currently before this Court," Davis wrote. "While the Court does not discount Plaintiffs' claim that, cumulatively, illegal downloading has far-reaching effects on their businesses, the damages awarded in this case are wholly disproportionate to the damages suffered by Plaintiffs. Thomas allegedly infringed on the copyrights of 24 songs -- the equivalent of approximately three CDs, costing less than $54, and yet the total damages awarded is $222,000 -- more than five hundred times the cost of buying 24 separate CDs and more than four thousand times the cost of three CDs."
Davis said he did not excuse Thomas' behavior, but the penalty was excessive.
The RIAA said it would try the case again. Thomas also vowed to continue fighting the charges.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today's Playlist

I rated quite a few songs today. I didn't have my Ipod in the car or at Soccer, otherwise more ratings. Chris' team is playing up a grade (up to sixth) and the games are getting really good. As opposed to the one-sided vitories experienced previously. Ashley's dad is coaching more often; he seems to know his stuff and he's taught his daughter well. I hope some of that focus will rub off on Chris.

I turned on ads today too. Unfortunately I'm not able to click on the ads myself, it's against the rules. Maybe I'll find the fortiude to publish the site address somewhere and other people will click on the ads. Then again, who clicks on ads anymore?

NameArtistAlbumMy Rating
Stranger In My House (HQ2 Mix)TamiaTotally Dance100 out of 100
One Step Too FarFaithless feat. DidoOne Step Too Far100 out of 100
What Day Is ItSpace GhostMusical Bar-B-Que100 out of 100
It's A Fine DayATB Miss JaneThe Unknown Album80 out of 100
What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)Information SocietyInformation Society80 out of 100
Slow CountryGorillazGorillaz [Bonus Tracks]80 out of 100
Only If...EnyaBest of Enya80 out of 100
Carribean BlueEnyaBook Of Days80 out of 100
Duncan Hills CoffeeDethklokMetalocalypse Soundtrack80 out of 100
Spoonful Of Slow9 Lazy 9Ninja Cuts - Flexistentialism80 out of 100
SpiralDJ FoodNinja Cuts - Scratchmological Waxploitation80 out of 100
LandslideDixie ChicksHome80 out of 100
Mercy In YouDepeche ModeSongs of Faith and Devotion60 out of 100
LetterboxThey Might Be GiantsFlood60 out of 100
Someone Must Get HurtShe Wants RevengeShe Wants Revenge60 out of 100
Symphony No. 9 (Scherzo)Ludwig van Beethoven, composer. Seattle Symphony. Gerard Schwarz, directorThe Unknown Album60 out of 100
Out From UnderIncubusMake Yourself60 out of 100
Old Time ProblemPepperNo Shame60 out of 100
Taxi RideTori AmosScarlet's Walk60 out of 100
Flute FruitShpongleTales of the Inexpressible60 out of 100
UnforgettableNat King ColePure Jazz [Polygram]60 out of 100
We Never ChangeColdplayParachutes60 out of 100
SuperheroesDaft PunkDiscovery60 out of 100
bcww_ringtone_chorusVarious ArtistsThe Unknown Album60 out of 100
The Mayor of SimpletonXTCUpsy Daisy Assortment60 out of 100
Get On Your Knees50 CentVol.34 Blazing Hip-Hop & R&B60 out of 100
Journeyman's Electric Lazyman9 Lazy 9Ninja Cuts - Flexistentialism60 out of 100
Just Like HeavenThe CureGalore (The Singles 1987-1997)40 out of 100
Old school scratchingDJ Q-BertWave Twisters40 out of 100
ATHF Theme RemixCartoon NetworkAqua Teen Hunger Force Soundtrack40 out of 100
Piya Re - remixVarious ArtistsBhangra Album40 out of 100
Track 14Neil YoungNeil Young Unplugged40 out of 100
Minkey BoodleSpace GhostMusical Bar-B-Que40 out of 100
I Love BeansSpace GhostMusical Bar-B-Que40 out of 100
Big HeadSpace GhostMusical Bar-B-Que40 out of 100

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