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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Childrens' Defense Fund

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me; I managed to start a charitable scholarship for kids being bullied or victimized by social aggression. Social aggression can take many forms, it could be constant harassment, teasing, or practical jokes, isolation by peers, physical, verbal, or emotional abuse. These forms all hurt and are destructive to kids' well-being. If aggression and bullying like this goes on unchecked, without support for the victims, the results can be devastating. Children abused at the hands of peers or others in this manner can begin to feel that they're worthless, hopeless, and trapped in a miserable situation which can lead to drastic, desperate, and tragic acts. Often these acts include violence upon peers, perceived aggressors, or upon themselves, (as was the case for David Q. Pham in November 2012).

The solution is not in changing the bullies' behavior, (this is but a symptom of the problem),  but by targeting the base issue, inner confidence and self-worth of these kids. If we address the problem of confidence and self-image of these kids, helping them like themselves and be happy in their own skin we stop the motivation for the behaviors found in both the aggressor and the victim. I founded a charitable scholarship aimed at ending the cycle of abuse, retaliation, and violence resulting from bullying. Contributions tot he fund go directly to underwriting self-defense instruction and purchase of equipment for kids known to be victimized by social aggression.

Please look at the campaign site and learn about what we're doing. Tell your friends about it, get involved. While monetary contributions to the fund pay for training, activities, and equipment, help in other ways is needed too. Tell the schools in your area about what we are doing; the more kids we sign up, the more support we are able to build. If you know of a self-defense school in your area that might be a good partner for the scholarship, pass this info along to them; we'd like to stretch our network as far and wide as possible to save our kids. 

We have a goal for the month of December to raise $500 to cover initial costs for starting the scholarship fund and establishing a web presence. We have 15% of that raised already but I need to maintain momentum. Please share this with your friends as contribute as you can. Thanks!

To apply for a scholarship: CharitySmith Charitable Scholarships

Connect via Facebook: Childrens' Defense Page

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Marino Sentenced to 15yrs

I heard Marino De Silva was sentenced to 15 years of hard time yesterday. I'll be notified when he's moved but I don't know where to yet.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Put Down by the Man (yet again)

Some may have noticed that the posts regarding a certain (faux rock star), con-man's exploits and travels through the Nevada state and Federal justice system, (including publicly available booking records and images of the scum), have been pulled from view. This is a highly unfortunate circumstance where a compliant was made by some vigilant creep-lover and my main google account was disabled after an international journalist wrote a couple of articles on the situation and generated some attention and visits to my blog. Some might say, "Oh gosh, that's too bad. You can't get to your emails." No-no-no, it's much much more than that. I have maintained that account for over TEN YEARS, amassing countless emails, keepsake announcements, love notes, contacts, critical and sensitive family information, etc.; that's just in the email product. I also used Google Docs (now Drive), and had massive amounts of documents there, historical information on ALL my music bookings, a huge database of band names my friends and I conceived, along with extensive original content that I created and shared with the community. This account shutdown also included my extensive YouTube posts and play lists, google Voice Numbers, google Music, Reader feeds, Sketch-up 3-D drawings, and even an entire google site. The loss of all this data could have been avoided regardless of the unfounded witch-hunt and insult upon injury after my losses at the hand of this con-man and cohorts, with a simple backup of my data. I've been burned before on this principle; apparently I am a slow learner. =P

Back-up Your Data!

Google says that they believe your data stored on their systems is owned by you and you should be able to retrieve it and back it up at-will. This right goes right away if they disable your account based upon any accusation. The process to appeal this action is also very hollow. The only recourse available, besides retaining a lawyer to write a letter, is to use their feedback form. They don't offer a case number or any other trace-ability, and the only expectation set for a response is that they will contact you if they have any info to share or if they require any further info. I never, ever, heard back from them. In fact, after daily, relentless searching and posts of pleas to retrieve my data for three-weeks solid I found a product forum member that has some sort of "in" at google. The response I received from him was that the case had "been forwarded to the appropriate department"; big, brown, goose-egg. I used to be a real true-believer in the big G; their mission of "Do no evil" seems to be a bit of PR wizardry at this point and I'll certainly be keeping my eye on them while I keep MY data safe from their careless policies and processes.

So now I'm working through the final stage of grief; accepting that I don't have a back up and the matthew.g.jones account is gone forever. This process has also helped me come to the realization that google really has two faces and the user has not a leg to stand on when faced with a cold shutdown.

Moral of this ramble: Back-up your stuff!!!

P.S. I totally understand that this kind of uncensored free-speech may lead to yet another account of mine being disabled by the google overlords and nancy-negative busy-body blog-readers. Eff you, eff you right in the A.

<end of rant>
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