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Sunday, August 31, 2014

E mrekullueshme!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

This is my amazing student with Down syndrome Roger! He is very smart and can learn quickly the techniques! Yesterday I awarded him the 4th stripe, so proud of him! He reminds me my brother Pi who is already a blue belt, very soon we will have a good superfight to watch! Hehe!

Nick Reboot Streams Old Nickelodeon Shows 24 Hours a Day

If you're feeling nostalgic for the shows of your childhood, Nick Reboot streams shows like Rocko's Modern Life, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Hey Arnold! 24 hours a day, for free.

hahaha - I'm sure this is what must goes through some dads minds! TAG A DAD

The Akira Motorcycle Is Real And We Rode It

Tetsuuuo! Kaneda's bike is real. It's called the 2015 Honda NM4, it's on-sale in America, and yesterday, I was one of the first journalists to ride it. Spoiler Alert: It really does feel like it belongs in Neo-Tokyo.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Japan Unveils Adorable Mock Pizza Hut Run Entirely By Cats -

FOODBEAST is the premiere food news resource. A one-stop location for food news, culture and entertainment. I don't see any of these cats wearing gloves...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

6 More Viral Photos That Are Total Lies

The internet is filled with plenty of photo fakery. And we here at Factually are here to help you distinguish the true from the too-good-to-be. Today we have six more images you may have seen floating around recently. None of them is precisely what it claims to be.

Wrinkly Bulldog Plays World's Most Dramatic Game of Peekaboo - BarkPost

You win, you always do.

Jon Wesley

I gotta say, I'm pretty excited about life. #Smuglife

Cat fight! Axe-wielding woman wins battle with leopard

A 56-year old woman has won a fierce battle with a leopard in India. Kamla Devi, from Uttarakhand, was attacked while working in a field near her village, the Hindustan Times reports. She fought th... Fortitude

Cholafied: Celebrities as female Mexican gang members

Cholafied Jay-Z. Cholafied comes from the mind of Michael Jason Enriques, an LA kid who grew up in the 1990s. It’s a throwback to the Chola gangster style: “Sharpied” eyebrows, dark lipliner,... Celebrities as female Mexican gang members

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hank Azaria: I've Lived The Simpsons Marathon

Hear from the voice of Moe, Apu, Chief Wiggum and so many more

Comedy. Musical. Fairytale. What's not to love? Get a first look at #Galavant, coming soon to ABC! I'm truly torn on whether I really want to watch this, but Bullet-tooth and the silliness will win me over, I think.

Tomasi Akimeta

"I lost my watch at a club. I thought I'd never find it, but I decided to try. Sure enough I found it, but there was a dude standing on it. The worst part was, he was being very handsy with this woman. When she made herself clear that she didn't want "it", he slapped her. That's when I sprang into action and knocked him out. Cuz you don't ever hit a woman. Not on my watch." - Foad HP Very punny

NC State students develop nail polish to battle date rape

Students in the Materials Science Engineering department at North Carolina State University teamed up to invent a nail polish that changes color when it comes in contact with date-rape drugs.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge Is Officially Over Thanks To Patrick Stewart - Pursuitist

Actor Patrick Stewart officially ends the Ice Bucket Challenge. We can all stop dumping ice water on our heads, as the star of Star Trek and X-Men wins. No more nominations, no more wet clothes, just one check for an undisclosed amount of money.


VIDEO: Cute seal hops onboard to hug duck hunter. LIKE/SHARE Video courtesy Ocean State Outfitters

Driving in Russia... Serious business.. I like my dash cam too

Friday, August 22, 2014

Here's just how worthless TSA airport body scanners really are

Russia's first McDonald's shut down

Russian officials have shut four McDonald's restaurants in Moscow, including the first to open in the city nearly 25 years ago at the end of the Cold War. Almost as critical as an embassy evac - Russia closes McDonald's flagship store

Help create a world without ALS!

ALS has impacted many lives, including mine. Please join me in supporting and invite your social network to participate in the #icebucketchallenge! Step one of my Ice Bucket call-out; stay tuned for the video this evening.

DAY298 - Shane Koyczan and Hannah Epperson - Remember How We Forgot

Video #298 of 1000 - Shane Koyczan and Hannah Epperson - Remember How We Forgot. For DAY298 of EveryDayMusic on Jan. 23, 2013. Recorded live at "One Last Tim... Remember how we forgot? Live and remember!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

NHTSA Unveils VIN Recall Look-up Tool For Consumers - The Truth About Cars

With as many as 26 million vehicles recalled by General Motors alone thus far in 2014, consumers may have a hard time determining if their vehicle needs to be repaired. The National Highway Traffic Safety... NHTSA Unveils VIN Recall Look-up Tool For Consumers


Want to go on a thrilling adventure of cat and mouse with an epic finale? Then click through these pics...

A Four-Year-Old Reviews the French Laundry

Reviewing notable restaurants via the simple yet extremely judgmental palate of a four-year-old has kind of become a “thing” here at the Bold Italic. Back since our second restaurant,… This is a review I can get with

Space station cosmonauts find life in the vacuum of space

The Russian press agency ITAR-TASS is reporting something so surprising that I'm having a hard time believing it: Cosmonauts have found microorganisms on the exterior of the International Space Station. Russian scientists are shocked by this discovery and can't really explain how it is possible.

What Is That Song I Heard in That TV Commercial?

What is that song is the best place on the Internet to find the identity of the songs you hear on TV commercials, TV shows, movies, the radio and more. You can locate, listen and download the songs too. My gift/curse prayers have been answered.

Those Endless Ice Bucket Challenge Videos Are All Worth It for This

Sure, cynics can argue that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a faddish, self-promoting waste of water, and people shouldn't need a stupid meme to convince them to fight life-threatening diseases. They... Those Endless Ice Bucket Challenge Videos Are All Worth It for This

7 Smart New Inventions That We Should Have Had All Along

Every year, Dyson asks industrial designers, product designers, and engineers to submit their smart solution to a problem--any problem. It's an awesomely broad request, and it usually results in some pretty fascinating entrees. Leading up to this year's Dyson Award, we took a look at just a tiny fraction of the entrees.

Prepare to have your heart melted.

• via Animals Australia • Because they bring us joy. Because they are at our mercy. Because they teach us kindness. And compassion. And understanding. Because they are voiceless. Because they wish us no harm. Because they are our companions. And because we are all animals. We will never stop being a voice, for them. Help us create a kinder world for animals: Video via TheHumpyObserver Music: The Time To Run (Finale) by Dexter Britain

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

U.S. Army Vet Killed Fighting Pro-Russian Separatists In Ukraine

A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and the only American known to have fought alongside Ukrainian forces against pro-Russian separatists was killed in eastern Ukraine, his brother told RFE/R...

Co-founder of “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” drowns at age 27

Corey Griffin died over the weekend off the coast of Massachusetts

A House with Rotating Rooms - Design Milk

The Sharifi-ha House, designed by next office, contains three volumes that rotate to open the house up in the summer and close it down in the winter. A House with Rotating Rooms

Aphex Twin Announces New Album SYRO Via Deep Web

After the confusing presence of the Aphex Twin logo on a blimp in London and the streets of NYC over the weekend, we now have some even more exciting, but no

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Add "GIF" to the Start of YouTube Links to Convert Videos to GIF

Web: GIF YouTube is a simple web app with a single purpose. It wants to convert YouTube videos into short GIFs, and make it easy for you to remember how to do that. Add "GIF" to the Start of YouTube Links to Convert Videos to GIF

These folks feed their family with a garden in their swimming pool -- and you can, too

Dennis and Danielle McClung have turned a broken swimming pool into a self-contained ecosystem that pumps out veggies and fish. Beat that!

A Deep Comic about Depression, inspired by Robin Williams

Click to see the pic and write a comment...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Which sport are you made for? Take our 60-second test

Take our sports quiz and we'll have our best stab at suggesting which events from the Commonwealth Games could match your physical and mental abilities. Interactive quiz on suggested sports for your body and personaliuty style

This Tropical Fruit Tastes Like Chocolate Pudding -

FOODBEAST is the premiere food news resource. A one-stop location for food news, culture and entertainment. I am working on increasing my fruit intake...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

This short by ex-Pixar artist is so good that they're making a movie out of it

This comedy short film created by former Pixar animator Adam Wood will be soon turned into a feature. It tells the story of a clumsy janitor at a museum in Supervillain City that accidentally finds himself inside the sophisticated out-of-control armor of a famous villain.

Top 10 William Shatner's Captain Kirk Fight Moves

Criteria: exclusively episodes of the original 60's Star Trek Series. Phasers are for wimps. Join as we count down the top 10 greate...

A Sneaky Mom App Locks Smartphones and Is an Angsty Teen's Nightmare

What can only be described as the "end of days" for angsty teens eager to escape the yoke of overbearing parents, a new $2 Android app called Ignore No More turns any misbehaving miscreants' smartphone into a really, really dumb phone. In fact once locked, it can only do two things—call 911 or call mom.

Talented blind kid sings the blues in front of his class

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Statue selfies

People are taking photos of statues that cleverly make it look as though the statues are taking selfies. There's a group on Red Statue selfies

Bill Gates And Tim Cook Dump Ice On Their Heads For ALS Awareness,…

Oh, you thought Bill Gates wouldn't be up to Zuck's challenge to dump a bucket of icewater on his head for ALS awareness? You thought wrong. And because.. Bill Gates And Tim Cook Dump Ice On Their Heads For ALS Awareness, Challenge Elon Musk and Dr. Dre

The salmon cannon

In order to reproduce, salmon swim from the ocean up rivers until they find the spot they were born. But sometimes people build da The salmon cannon

Friday, August 15, 2014

Your body is about to become a charger

What Is the LRAD Sound Cannon?

Protests in Ferguson, Missouri have reached a terrifying fever pitch, and the ludicrously armed Ferguson Police Department is bringing all its crowd-control weapons to bear, tear gas, stun grenades, rubber... What Is the LRAD Sound Cannon?

What Tear Gas Does to Its Victims

Tear gas is banned for use in warfare by the Geneva Convention. It's allowed, however, to be used by police as "domestic riot control," as seen in protests in Turkey, Bahrain, and now Ferguson, Missouri.... What Tear Gas Does to Its Victims

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